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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pia Fraus In Impuris Naturalibus

"I prefer a government run like hell by the Filipinos to a government run heaven by Americans."
-Manuel Luiz Quezon,First President of The Philippine Commonwealth.

I,as filipino can now only watch the Philippines former glory in videos. It is so sad to see that the Philippines turned into hell by the Filipinos..

In today's Philippine conditions,e.g.(Political unstability,economic downfall,overpopulation,food crisis,unemployment,terrorism,kidnapping,and communist insurgency) the ultimate panacea is "DEATH". Death for corrupt government officials thru firing squad,Death thru crucifixion for pagan Roman Catholic authorities whose hindrance in passing "Reproductive Health Bill-to solve rapid population growth).Death thru burying alive for communist rebels who threatens filipino poor especially in remote areas just to gain support and join their army. Death to filipino muslim terrorist who uses Islam to justify their ungodly behavior,.

If Manuel L. Quezon will be given a chance to live just for day,I will approach him personally,stare on his eyes and let him notice the phrase written on my forehead "Quad erat demonstratum".(What you see is what you get more or less).