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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My life as blank paper

How can I explain?
The life that I have
In poems within my veins

Eloquent I am
In delusion of future
But afraid so vague
If it makes no reality

Whom can I defend?
In today’s populous
Of pretenders, of imitators, of wannabe’s

I see a rainbow, is it a sign?
But it slowly gone, maybe not.

The beauty that once I admired
Is now missing, I don’t know where it is..
Ah! I remember! It escaped from my heart

I once had a dream it is mysterious,
So strange..,maybe it’s the interpretation,
But of what? Of life? Of my suffering?
Of my happiness?

Nay! Nobody could tell what future lies ahead of me.
For as much as I am breathing
My journey goes on and on.

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