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Monday, January 26, 2009

Religion y Politica de las Islas Filipinas

In the Philippines, religion is a big business, with numerous competencies. Every year, there is new religion arises or appear like mushroom. With different names but with same vision and mission,i.e. to gain more members and solicit donations respectively.,Proclaiming themselves as the true church(es) founded by Jesus Christ,truly Christians,Pro-God and Pro-Life…

Filipino youths nowadays are becoming slave,prostitutes,drug users/pushers,murderers,thieves and so on and so forth. Moreover,these unwanted behavior of Filipino youths are by products of Church dogma, the use of contraceptives is sinful act as it ceases the formation of life.. The results?
Unwanted and/or teenage pregnancies,STD’s, which obviously resulted to megalomanic population explosion.

The Philippine government for the past years tried its best to implement family planning for both urban and rural areas as well as qualitative sex education through the medium of Family and Life Science a.k.a. Home Economics for primary ,secondary, and tertiary schools neither public nor private institutions.

However, the church and other religious organization opposes such long term plan,accordingly,it will demoralize Filipino youths and it will and/or may lead more not less teenage pregnancies.

The Philippines Government has lame political will to execute law(s) pertaining to and/or for the welfare development no matter how beneficial it is to its citizen and of course for the benefit of unstable economy for future’s sake. The main objector(s)? the church per se,.they will gather in the streets and protest against the law(s)..

The main reason for government’s lameness or for no political will at all is very simple beyond logic.They(the government) were afraid to lose their(church and other religious groups) support for the next election..

However, the Philippine constitution clearly stated in Article II,Section 6, that THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE SHALL BE INVIOLABLE..
In my understanding, the church have no right(s) nor authority at all to engage and/or to participate in any law and/or policy making conducted by three independent bodies,i.e. Executive,Legislative,Judiciary.

Unfortunately,the church still plays vital roles in Philippine politics and its governance.
They(the church) once again has proven that they are exercising and/or practicing unbiblical ways/action(s) through their anachronistic principalities. If, they are truly following Jesus Christ,they should have no part in election and worldly politics,for politics means faith in men.
2 Cor. 6:14-18 1 John 2:15 1 John 1:6
1 Peter 2:11-12 John 18:36

Indeed,they will defend themselves by quoting “We (the church) are exercising our right(s) and privileges as civilians mandate in Philippine Constitution…


  1. OH COOL! Another thinking blog! Getting rare these days, really. I'm linking this!

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  2. @ Pisanu,: Thanks you very much for leaving a comment here.Well,a lot of Filipinos will find it radical rather than critical.However,a simple phrase for the filipino readers, "Truth is not a bigot"...

  3. @ Pisanu,; it means "Thank you" not "thanks you".. ja ja ja.. lo siento!!!