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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Al pie de la letra de amor

Men lived; and died individually. Failed to define the undefinable "love", days should speak and multitude of years should teach wisdom,but still it profited no meaning for love. All I know about love whenever I feel it is beauty,especially the day I was shocked by your Venus like face, and I feel I'm quiet stupid when I am at your presence.Nevertheless,let me define your beauty as love in a music rhytmically unsung, but how could I sing your beauty? for it manifest always in an elevating excitement of my soul? Oh!This letter of mine is inaveriguable liquid poetry. But love is unquestinable the purest and truest of all poetical themes. I will love you in an altruistic way and obsequious manner. I have no words to tell the loveliness of loving you!!! Because the quiddity of love is in feeling and not by intellectual reason.

note*sentence highlighted in green was taken from the Bible.

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