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Friday, August 27, 2010

Malum in se

It is ironic that with the advancement of technology and education,our society seems to be sliding backwards in terms of intelligence and common sense.

----Xandria Ooi---StarMetro,Wednesday,30th June,2010.

I can't measure up the hypocrisy of some fellow Filipinos.What happened Monday about hostage drama in a bus was humiliating,truly horrendum pudendum to the entire Filipino community. Many condemned the act,but who to blame? It could be avoided if the Philippine media applied their "code of ethics" during the hostage drama. They are careless,selfish,power abusive group. The President itself shows his incompetence,he has the power for news block out,but he's afraid he might be criticised of suppressing of speech and/or media.

The crime scene bacame tourist spot to some Filipinos,especially students,smiling while taking pictures in front of the bus.


Filipinos raged in anger when a Hong Kong journalist made a derogatory remark about Filipinos.But hey! this one is far more animalistic done by a Filipino. Please,please,please,show some respect to the victims....

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