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Friday, August 20, 2010

Cogito ergo doleo!!

Assiduus usus uni rei deditus et ingenium et artem saepe vincit.(Constant practice devoted to one subject often outdoes both intelligence and skill.)--Cicero.

Yesterday,August the 19th of this year. I learnt a lesson that is currently seizing me, it's holding me down,drowning me into manic depression. My very low EQ (Emotional Quotient) is dominating me.

Yesterday was my practical test for driving, and I had failed in four stages. It's quiet frustrating,really, I am frustrated. In the past couple of days prior to yesterday, I never had any mistake(s) in practice and yesterday I had transformed into a total jerk! An idiot! A stupid!

Now, I lost my appetite. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. I don't wanna talk to anybody. I want to be alone. This experience is very humiliating. It suppresses me to exist. It's freezing me to hell. (Aha! Does hell exist?)

When I was in Highschool my day is complete when my classmates and teachers praises my work(s), my leadership especially in school projects,my eloquence and performance as team leader.

When I was in College, one of my favorite subjects was Sociology. I was feared by many but admired by some of my classmates especially during oral recitation/discussion or debate.Our professor grouped the class and given some topics to be reported till the end of semester. I was third year college then( I chose free section), majority of my classmates were graduating Political Science majors and International Studies majors. Two leaders of different groups approached and begged me not to ask questions or difficult questions during their reporting because they're afraid they couldn't answer,the professor will fail them for sure. But I couldn't help not to ask questions. And I am easily get irate if they couldn't answer my questions especially if related to social issues or laws.

When I was in college, practical exams were my specialty,including but not limited to Comparative Anatomy and Organic Chemistry. I remember one day under Prof. Roberto, I was the only one who passed the Theoretical exam,therefore, I am the only one allowed to take the Practical exam, pinning,labeling,and naming muscles,visceral skeleton,tracing urogenital system,coelom and digestive system.

But yesterday was the opposite, For the first time in my life....,- I HAD LOST THE FIGHT.....-----

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